Custom Hand-Wound Coils by Dano
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All of my coils are "made to order" from the finest materials available:

* Iron 5/16" T-Top Cores that t-off to 3/8". 1 1/4" standard size, or 1" Shorties. 8-32 screw holes.
* All coils are wound with 24AWG Enamel Coated Essex Magnetic Wire, and are available as 6, 7, 8 (standard) or 9 layers.
* Washers are either phenolic, fiber, 3 ply pickguard material, exotic hardwood or animal bone. All woods or bone are lacquer coated.
* Coil Cover possibilities are endless, but a lot of my coils are covered with black shrink wrap, genuine reptile skins, leather, embossed brass or copper, foreign currency, cigar bands, artwork, etc...and generally clear shrink wrapped.
* Comes with a 22UF/35V (liner) or 47UF/35V (shader) Capacitor, and it can be covered to match the coils.
* Available pre-wired or not.

Below are a few of the woods I'm currently working with for coil washers:
(click thumbnails to view larger)
Red Amboyna Burl swatch.jpg (54261 bytes)White Amboyna Burl swatch.jpg (44911 bytes)Red Morel Burl swatch.jpg (45990 bytes)Eucalyptus Burl swatch.jpg (49395 bytes)Quilted Birdseye Maple swatch.jpg (43820 bytes)Quilted Black Walnut swatch.jpg (67428 bytes)
Birdseye Red Cedar swatch.jpg (55485 bytes)Spalted Red Maple swatch.jpg (48383 bytes)Spalted Blue Maple swatch.jpg (59411 bytes)Spalted Elm swatch.jpg (44904 bytes)Brazilian Leopardwood swatch.jpg (52161 bytes)African Greenwood Swatch.jpg (51442 bytes)
White Holly swatch.jpg (20380 bytes)Gaban Black Ebony swatch.jpg (41207 bytes)Hawaiian Koa swatch.jpg (43163 bytes)

And a few of the cover options I have in stock:
Cobra swatch.jpg (55902 bytes)Brown Python swatch.jpg (46784 bytes)Black Mamba swatch.jpg (54063 bytes)White Tolex swatch.jpg (44326 bytes)Black Tolex swatch.jpg (72532 bytes)
I also have a ton of different leathers in various colors and textures, colorful foreign currencies, US $2 bills, or any artwork or photo you can come up with that can be used to cover your coils!


When ordering, please be specific about the size, number of layers, materials you prefer for washers and covers, capacitor size, and whether you want them wired or not.


Fiber Washer Coils with Heatshrink, Currency, or Artwork Covers
$25.00 per pair

Fiber Washer Coils with Reptile, Tolex, or Embossed Metal Covers
$30.00 per pair

Exotic Wood Washer Coils with ANY Covering
$40.00 per pair