Dano Machine Designs
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Dano Machine Designs

Aside from doing classic machine styles like Jensen Specials, Sailor Jerry Bulldogs, Walkers, and various Rogers & Waters, Dano also has a couple frame designs of his own:

The Danomatic

(Great curves with a sideways chuck in a variety of styles)

(click thumbnails to view larger)

danomatic 1.jpg (30032 bytes)danomatic 2.jpg (60347 bytes)danomatic 3.jpg (72827 bytes)danomatic 4.jpg (69007 bytes)danomatic 5.jpg (64117 bytes)

The Hybrid
(A combination of a Jensen Model 3, a Bulldog, and a Walker)
hybrid 1.jpg (56876 bytes)hybrid 1a.jpg (56382 bytes)hybrid 2.jpg (60300 bytes)hybrid 2a.jpg (58041 bytes)hybrid 3.jpg (80671 bytes)hybrid 4.jpg (52500 bytes)

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